This is my entry for the LD Jam 48. It was submitted under the COMPO rules, meaning I created everything myself in 48 hours.


You are a detective you likes to do this against the book, however, you're years of scaring and threatening suspects may be coming to an end. You have one more chance to prove to your superiors that you can get a confession out of a suspect the "right" way.


You will be presented with several question options while interrogating the suspect. You must choose to either;

  • Present evidence (blue)
  • Relate to their likes (Teal / Dark Green)
  • Antagonise them using their dislikes (Red / Orange)
  • Lie to them for to get a confession quicker (Light Green)

You will need to balance your questions to avoid angering the suspect. This will only prove that you can't be trusted and will result in you being FIRED.

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